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A Year of Living Simply

A Year of Living Simply
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ISBN 9781783253432
Author Kate Humble
Number of pages 304
Cover Paperback
Publication Date 03/06/2021
In Stock Yes
 'Simply wonderful' - BEN FOGLE'Kate's book has the warmth and calming effect of a log fire and a glass of wine. Unknit your brow and let go. It's a treat' - GARETH MALONE'Kate Humble pours her enviable knowledge into attainable goals.

It's a winning combination and the prize - a life in balance with nature - is definitely worth claiming' - LUCY SIEGLE'As ever, where Kate leads, I follow. She has made me reassess and reset' - DAN SNOW'Kate Humble's new book is a lesson in moving on from a tragedy and finding our place in the world' - WOMAN & HOME'A Year of Living Simply is timely, given that the pandemic has forced most of us, in some way to simplify our lives, whether we planned to or not. Kate wrote it before any of us were aware of the upcoming crisis, but it captures the current moment perfectly...

It's not necessarily a "how to" book, more of a "why not try?" approach' - FRANCESCA BABB, MAIL ON SUNDAY YOU'What I particularly love is her philosophy for happiness, which is the subject of her new book, A Year of Living Simply. The clue is in the title. Remember the basics.

Instead of barging through the day on autopilot, really stop to think about the tiniest little things that added a moment of joy' - JO ELVIN, MAIL ON SUNDAY YOUIf there is one thing that most of us aspire to, it is, simply, to be happy. And yet attaining happiness has become, it appears, anything but simple. Having stuff - The Latest, The Newest, The Best Yet - is all too often peddled as the sure-fire route to happiness.

So why then, in our consumer-driven society, are depression, stress and anxiety ever more common, affecting every strata of society and every age, even, worryingly, the very young? Why is it, when we have so much, that many of us still feel we are missing something and the rush of pleasure when we buy something new turns so quickly into a feeling of emptiness, or purposelessness, or guilt?So what is the route to real, deep, long-lasting happiness? Could it be that our lives have just become overly crowded, that we've lost sight of the things - the simple things - that give a sense of achievement, a feeling of joy or excitement? That make us happy. Do we need to take a step back, reprioritise? Do we need to make our lives simpler? Kate Humble's fresh and frank exploration of a stripped-back approach to life is uplifting, engaging and inspiring - and will help us all find balance and happiness every day.

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