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Although Willen Limited historically only sold Hair & Beauty related textbooks, we now offer a broad range of reading resources including Health & Social Care, Childcare, Construction and Catering!

We can offer many services which can save your students money, whilst ensuring they receive their correct textbooks for their chosen course. Invite Willen Limited to your College open day/evenings and we can sell pre-determined books to your students at discounted prices. If the college decides to use our order form systems, commission is generated per sale via these forms, allowing the college to receive free textbooks and resources against the value accrued. If your college wants to sell books direct to the students, we can offer very attractive discounts, a 30 day trading account, together with a prompt and efficient service.

Please contact Matthew Warden on 01858 410233 or to arrange a visit to your college where we can present a detailed overview of our services.


Instead of using the order form service account, your college can open a standard 30-day trading account with Willen Limited. We can offer attractive discounts, together with carriage free orders over £200.00.


Willen Limited would welcome the opportunity to visit your College during one of your open days or information evenings during the enrolment period, or prior to the students starting their course. We can bring along pre-determined books at discounted prices for your students (And lecturers!) to browse and buy. We feel this is an excellent way for the student to understand the requirements and the work content of the course they wish to undertake.


Our student ordering service has become increasingly popular over the last few years, we believe this is due to the individual service tailored for each account, offering the colleges a unique opportunity to supply course books to their students with confidence and flexibility.

By giving details of your requirements, we can create specific order forms for you to issue to students upon their enrolment. In order to produce the master copy, we would need to know the following information:

    * Course Name
    * Title/ISBN/Willen Stock Code of the books required on the course
    * Home delivery or College delivery (See below)
    * 'Cut off date' (College delivery only)

There are two types of forms, Home Delivery & College Delivery.

Home Delivery

Students can order their own course books, directly through Willen Limited by using our individually prepared course order forms.  They complete the form and send it to us together with their payment by Cheque/Postal Order/card details via post, once received the order is processed and sent directly to the student’s home address. Mainland UK (Exclusions apply) orders will be post free.

College Delivery

College Delivery forms differ slightly from the home address forms; each form will advise the student of a ‘cut off date’ (predetermined by the college). Once orders are received from the Students, we collate them and forward the books, together with a Student order list to the college in one consignment the day after the cut off date for you to issue.

If Willen Limited receives an order after the cut off date the goods can be either forwarded direct to the student’s home address or if several students miss the date, a further consignment can be sent to the college.

What does the College get out of it?

One of the main benefits from this system is that we deal with all the payments from the students.  All your college has to do is issue the forms on enrolment.

Whichever of the above methods you decide to use, the College receives a percentage of the total orders placed by your students, as a commission on your College account. This allows your College to purchase further books against the amount accrued over the Student year for their library, resource centre, or for the Lecturers.

Discounted Student Order Forms

If you believe the students should benefit from discounted books, rather than the college enjoying commission based on annual sales, we can issue both home delivery and college delivery forms for you to pass on to your students offering discounted prices for course books.

Whichever service you decide to use, you can be assured your students will receive the correct course books efficiently and promptly.

To discuss any of the services we are able to offer, please email Matthew Warden on, call us on 01858 410233, or if you prefer we can arrange to visit you at your college.

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